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Wonder of Construction
Construction Rides the Waves of History
Published 15 July 2014
Human endeavours in the world of construction are all backed by some form of vision. These visions are largely driven to demonstrate economic, military, political, spiritual and social agendas. 

Construction has been influenced during times of war, peace, famine and prosperity. Construction techniques, technology and materials have evolved but the desire to be the best and build the best within a life time has never gone away.

Below is a quick timeline for construction in the history of modern man. This is not exhaustive research by any means but its good to reflect on the periods of the past to where we are today.

Newgrange  3200 B.C.
Stonehenge 2950-1600 B.C.
Pyramids at Giza 2600-2500 B.C.
Parthenon 447-432 B.C.
Colosseum 70-80 A.D
Machu Picchu 1400 AD
Renaissance 1400-1600
Industrial Revolution 1700-1900
Mega Projects 1900 - Today

There are clearly thousands more of examples from different periods in world history which show mans desire to build irrespective of his motivation.

A Historical Timeline for Construction of Ancient World Sites
Renaissance Architecture 

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) from and do not necessarily reflect the views of employers, recruiters and jobseekers using services.

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Construction Rides the Waves of History
Published 15 July 2014