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Join now  for job alerts & register your CV Employers, have your job live in 10 minutes! Construction Jobs Index April '17 Construction Jobs Index April '17
Published 04 May 2017 Construction Jobs Index April '17 Percentage of Jobs Advertised by Location
Ireland 80% (Dublin 48%, Rest of the Country 32%)
UK 15%
Rest of World 5%

In this month's Index
  • Most Viewed Construction Job
  • Most Popular Construction Job
  • Most popular Construction Job Location
  • Most Prominent Application Locations
  • Emerging Job Locations
The number of construction job positions advertised on during the month of April ‘17 was up on the number of jobs advertised in the month of March ’17, with an increase in the index five percent. In turn, there was an increase of about 0.2% in the number of applications being made through the jobs board.

Top construction jobs locations
80% of construction jobs advertised on during the month of April were for positions in the Republic of Ireland. A breakdown of this figure shows 48% of adverts being for jobs in Dublin and 32% in the rest of the country. Fifteen percent of jobs adverts were for jobs in the UK, with the remaining five percent in the Rest of the World.
Of the 32% of jobs advertised in the Rest of Ireland, Limerick and Cork account for the majority of these. Director, Paraic Kelly comments: “The number of jobs being advertised in the Limerick and Cork areas has grown significantly in recent months. This is in line with project announcements over the past few months in these areas.  It might suggest some good news in terms of Regional construction activity, as we may finally be seeing a rollout of developments outside the Dublin area. We will keep a close eye on this in the coming months.”

Most prominent applicant locations
Of those applying for construction jobs in April, 50% of applications came from the Republic of Ireland; 14% from the Middle East; 12% from the EU; 10% from the UK; 7% from Asia; 4% from The Americas; 2.5% from Africa; and just 0.5% from Australia and New Zealand.

The most popular locations from where applications were submitted through during April were Dublin, UK, Middle East, Limerick and Cork.

Paraic Kelly comments: “It should come as no surprise that the most popular location for applications to come from is Dublin, as contractors operating in this region are under pressure to fill posts and are offering packages to match. People who are already in employment in this Region are probably looking to make a lateral moves to avail of increased salaries. The 10% of applications from the UK may be migrants looking to return home, or as some are suggesting, it may also be an indication of another early impact of Brexit.
“Elsewhere, the low number of applications coming from Australia and New Zealand suggests that there may not be huge influx of jobseekers from this area for the moment.”

Most popular jobs
The categories that received the most job applications were Site Engineer, Foreman, Project Manager and Civil Engineer. The two most viewed jobs were for a Site Manager in UAE and Construction Manager in The Caribbean. Both of these positions offer lucrative packages. Outside of this, the most viewed jobs were for a range of trades and site management jobs in Dublin.

Job Applicants by Location on
  Location %
1 Ireland 50
2 Middle East 14
3 European Union 12
4 United Kingdom 10
5 Asia 7
6 Americas 4
7 Africa 2.5
8 Australia/New Zealand 0.5

Top 10 Locations for Applications on
1 Dublin
2 United Kingdom
3 Middle East
4 Limerick
5 Cork
6 Americas
7 Galway
8 Kildare
9 Meath
10 Offaly

Top 10 Viewed Jobs on
  Job Location
1 Construction Manager United Arab Emirates
2 Site Manager Carribean
3 Carpenter Dublin
4 Caretaker Dublin
5 Labourer Dublin
6 Graduate Engineer Dublin
7 Health & Safety Officer Dublin
8 CAD Technician Dublin
9 Junior Engineer Dublin
10 Clerk of Works Dublin

Top 10 Application Categories
1 Site Engineer
2 Foreman
3 Project Management
4 Civil Engineering
5 Site Management
6 Quantity Surveying
7 Health & Safety
8 Construction Management
9 Trades – Various
10 Contracts Management

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