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Published 15 Aug 2017 Index June July 17
Key points in Index June/July 2017:
  • Dublin dominates, but growth in recruitment activity across the regions in Ireland.
  • Further growth in Irish construction recruitment in the Southern Region
  • Increase in administration staff jobs suggests growing confidence of future construction activity
In this Index
  • Top 10 Viewed Construction Jobs on
  • Percentage of construction jobs advertised by location
  • Most prominent construction jobs applicant locations
  • Top 10 Construction Job Categories by applications
  • Top 10 Locations in which jobseekers wish to work Construction Jobs Index July 2017
The number of construction job positions advertised on during the months of June and July 2017 was up on jobs advertised in May 2017, with an increase in the index of 0.5%.
There was an increase of 0.5% in the number of applications being made through

Top 10 most viewed jobs on June July 2017
Of the most viewed jobs on, there was a big interest in trade, foreman and administration roles being advertised during June and July.
  1. Trades & Labour – Munster
  2. Site Foreman – Cork
  3. General Foreman – Civil – Cork
  4. Senior QS – Fit Out – UAE
  5. Project Controls Engineer – Dublin
  6. Office Administrator – Dublin
  7. Site Clerk – Dublin
  8. Construction Supervisor – Dublin
  9. Safety Officer – Glasgow – Scotland
  10. HR/Training Administrator –Cork
Percentage of jobs advertised by location
The breakdown of construction jobs advertised by location (See Chart) remains steady. Dublin continues to dominate, with the rest of Ireland fluctuating up and down in small measures. Of the jobs advertised in the June July period, 21% were outside of Ireland.

Location of jobseekers applying for jobs on

Job Applicants by Location on
  Location %
Ireland                                         49.3(+4.3)
2 Middle East 13.7(+0.4)
3 EU 9.3(–4.3)
4 UK 9.2(–0.3)
5 Asia 8.7(–0.4)
6 Africa 5.7(–0.5)
7 Americas 2.6(–)
8 Aus/NZ 1.5(–)

Nearly 50% of applicants in June and July were based in Ireland, with a broad spectrum of locations from around the world represented in the other 50%. Job mobility has become an important issue in the improving construction sector, and construction firms looking to attract as well as hold on to key staff should keep an eye on this trend. There is also a substantial number of applications in the Middle East applying for positions.

Top 10 categories on that received most applications from Jobseekers

Top 10 Application Categories
  Category Change
1 Site Engineering (+5)
2 Project Management (–1)
3 Foreman (+1)
4 Health & Safety (–1)
5 Quantity Surveying (–3)
6 Site Management (–1)
7 Administration (New)
8 Civil Engineering (–1)
9     CAD Technician (–1)
10 Construction Management                                       (–1)

There was significant movement in the most popular job categories, with Engineering jobs being the ones to receive the most applications. Quantity Surveying, which was in the Number 2 spot in the last Index, has dropped to Number 5.

Top 10 Job application locations on
The most popular locations to where applications submitted applications through during June July ‘17 (May ‘17 position in Brackets)

Top 10 Job Application Locations on
  Location Change
1 Dublin (–)
2 Cork (–)
3 United Kingdom                                          (+1)
4 European Union (+4)
5 Midddle East (–2)
6 Meath (+1)
7 Limerick (–2)
8 Kildare (–2)
9 Galway (+1)
10 Waterford (New)

During June and July, there was an interesting and significant jump in jobseekers applying for jobs in the EU. The increase in applications for jobs in the EU resulted in it moving from the Number 8 spot to Number 4. Dublin and Cork maintain their positions at Number 1 and 2, respectively.

Comment by Paraic Kelly, Director
“Overall, according to the Index June/July 2017, recruitment in the Irish market continues on an upward curve. While recruitment activity in Dublin remains dominant, there is an indication of further increases in building activity outside Dublin in the Regions, particularly in the South. Cork has experienced significant growth in applications staying at Number 2 to Dublin for the second consecutive month.
“Other points of note include the appetite for jobs in the UK, EU and the Middle East remains strong. However, Irish regions continue to grow momentum. Waterford has entered the Top 10 for the first time and Kildare, Meath, Limerick and Galway all continue to jockey for position.
“Also, the increase in applications for administration jobs may be an indication that contractors are growing in confidence as a result of an increased number of projects in the pipeline and are expanding their administrative support teams.

“Job mobility is a growing issue. The Index suggests significant interest in movement between jobs, particularly in the Dublin area. This is only to be expected as the market improves.”

About the Index
The Index provides recruiters and jobseekers useful insights into what is happening with construction recruitment activity on

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