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Why Do People Work in the Construction Industry?
Published 15 July 2014
The construction industry is an enormously rewarding place to hatch out a career. At the same time,  its not without its pitfalls, as we have seen in recent years with all the economic turmoil and job losses.

If you really love working in the construction industry you'll stay in it no matter where it brings you in the world. Its your passion.  If you move away from it you probably end up missing it. As they say "It's in the blood" or its not.  So what is it that draws people to this cauldron of human endeavour. I can think of  a few reasons.

Lets get the money part out of the way because that what most will say. Yes, you need to pay the bills and provide. Its a big driver and particularly if you are at the top of your game but as you can see below there many other motivators.

The sheer size and scale of some construction projects leaves many in awe.  To be part of something like this is both challenging and inspiring. To be honest it doesn't matter what size the project is because any challenge in construction gives a sense of purpose, belonging and meaning.

With the various roles in construction some of the traditional roles such as civil engineer, quantity surveyor and foreman offer a sense of identity. These titles resonate with people throughout the world and command respect also. With identity you know your place and purpose in the world. 

Obviously for tradesmen they don't have to suffer the shackles of a desk too often and along with engineers and site professions they can be the envy of many an office worker. Being outdoors has its pros and cons but by being physically active and outdoors it has more health benefits than not.

The construction industry by its nature is dynamic no matter what type of project you are involved in. By being project oriented it means that nothing ever stays the same. There is an enormous variety of tasks and challenges for people. There is no such thing as a dull day even if it does rain!

Being the Best
There is nothing more satisfying and than a trade or profession mastering their craft. The construction site is the real classroom for the construction industry where people can excel in their chosen field. Quality workmanship is a joy for any site team to experience.

Good leadership on a construction project is needed to inspire and motivate the site team. If the site team is performing well or dealing with challenging circumstances it will help build a bond and develop friendships. Its that bond that is important and gives a sense of belonging for all those in the site team.

Help the community
Finally, some in construction would see the higher cause of giving back to the community where they operate. This can be in the form of sponsoring a local sports team or workers spending part of their wages in local shops and restaurants.  On completion of the project we hopefully now have a facility that betters the community from a social, economic and environmental point of view. Everyone wins.

The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author(s) from and do not necessarily reflect the views of employers, recruiters and jobseekers using services.

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Why Do People Work in the Construction Industry?
Published 15 July 2014